About Technopark

Technopark of ITMO University a synergetic process of interaction between educational institutions, research institutions and commercial enterprises engaged in the commercialization of scientific achievements and development.

Our mission  to develop the promising areas of activity of residents and partners through the integration of education, science and business.

To achieve its main objective Technopark following tasks:

  • Development of physical, telecommunications and information infrastructure of Technopark.
  • The implementation of a package of measures and the establishment of a link in the innovation chain between the technical idea and industrial production through the formation of a system of transfer and commercialization of research and technology, focused on the effective use of scientific and technological potential of research teams and research organizations and small businesses.
  • Enhancing the prestige of the university and its research capabilities.
  • Promote increased funding for university research.
  • Development of the high technology business innovation, the creation of conditions for involvement in innovation research groups research organizations, academic and student staff, domestic and foreign innovative structures, employees of commercial organizations, scientists and specialists, inventors.
  • Coordination of interaction of the Technopark in the preparation of educational programs in the field of information and telecommunication systems, design and technological preparation and training of managers, as well as mechanisms of adaptation of students to market conditions.
  • The implementation of measures and activities on formation of investment attractiveness of the Technopark.