Optimal Drive LLC


Production automation and optimization of business processes.

About the company:

The company “Optimal Drive” since the beginning of 2014. The company’s product portfolio there are three means of automation, which form a single system, allowing significantly (by more than 32%) to improve the efficiency of business processes operation and maintenance:

  1. Hardware-software complex thassit – a means to automate the operational and personnel analysis of employment, allowing the head at any moment to reliably know the state of current Affairs.
  2. Monitoring secRSMB – a tool that allows you to cost-effectively gather information about geographically distributed objects.
  3. TLP OneWay – is a security tool that gives physically guaranteed protection of critical infrastructure in the transmission of data outward

The company has several patents, and employees engaged in scientific research in the areas of information security in industry and interaction of automated systems and the operator.