• Consulting in the process of implementing a new enterprise data source (surveillance system, positioning system, etc.)
  • Creation of a specialized software designed to collect objective data, delivery of data to the accounting systems of enterprises and data analysis
  • Creation of IT-solutions “turnkey” for the control of business processes based on analysis of objective data
  • Contract development of software and hardware
  • Creation of application custom solutions and applications to work with ontological data

About company:

Wismart the Company was founded in 2011 with the aim of creating tools for collecting objective data that is necessary to control the business processes. In other words, on the basis of positioning systems, video surveillance and other data generated by the hardware, we build an analytical add-in designed to improve the efficiency and safety of enterprises.

In the last 2-3 years as the transition to machine-readable open data gaining popularity of semantic technologies and information systems, storage of data which is not based on DBMS, and in the ontological repositories. Despite the obvious advantages of semantic technologies, there is a significant deficit applied, easy to use and complete solutions that show all the benefits of the ontological approach for ordinary users.

Company “Wismart” in close cooperation with Laboratory of intelligent systems ITMO University is working to offset the obvious lack of the necessary tools for working with ontology data by creating solutions with open source.