24th International Conference on Engineering, Technology and Innovation (ICE/IEEE ITMC 2018)


ICE/IEEE ITMC Conference 2018 in Stuttgart

The 24th ICE/IEEE ITMC International  Technology  Management  Conference will  take  place from June 17th to 20th 2018,  in Stuttgart  (Germany)
.  The  event  is organized  by  Baden-Württemberg Connected  (bwcon),  the  leading  technology network in  the south of  Germany,  and  the  IST Innovation Institute from  the  Lake Constance University.  ICE  Conference  is  one  of  the  premier conferences associated with the IEEE Technology and Engineering Management Society (IEEE TEMS).
The 24th ICE/IEEE ITMC is the place where research, science and industry innovators are called for original ideas, papers, debates, initiatives and projects. For the ICE 2018 we would like to invite our growing community of researchers, innovators, industrialists, engineers and practitioners to share their  insights,  practices,  projects  and  case  studies  that  address  the  conference  theme: Era  of Connectedness: The Future of Technology, Engineering & Innovation in a Digital Society

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