NYU Professor Stanislav Sobolevsky’s lecture ‘Digital City’


On October 10, the New York University Professor Stanislav Sobolevsky will come to ITMO University to give a lecture titled ‘Digital City’.
Stanislav Sobolevsky has been working as an Associate Professor of Practice at NYU’s Center for Urban Science and Progress since 2015. He is also a co-founder of a consulting studio Insight Data Labs. Prof. Sobolevsky’s research interests cover network science, big data analytics, modeling of complex systems and the theory of differential equations.
Technological revolution of the past decades has caused active proliferation of digital technologies, which have now entered many spheres of our day-to-day. This has led to the creation of huge amounts of data: city traffic, energy consumption, noise levels, motion patterns of taxis and public transport, phone calls, credit card transactions, WiFi and Bluetooth connection, citizens’ queries, social media: all of these phenomena leave a profound digital impact on our lives. Today, these data are actively used in research, planning and management of cities, making the concept of a smart city a reality, though the increasing complexity and, with this, vulnerability of city systems imply that this sphere acutely depends on modern technologies to maintain its daily operations.
But alongside with new opportunities come new challenges: the multiplying data call for more sophisticated analytical technologies, and this stimulates the development of machine learning, artificial intelligence, network analysis and other hi-tech fields. In his lecture, Prof. Sobolebsky will provide insight into these cutting-edge technologies and their theoretical and practical implications on the optimization of city transport, infrastructure, planning, security and many other crucial spheres. The lecturer will give examples of related projects devised and led by NYU students, and talk about the latest developments in this new scientific field that is city informatics.
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