Open lecture “The future of fintech, AI, ML, Big Data, innovations, high-value startups and new technologies”


ITMO University presents a brand new lecture course called “Open Fintech”.
Given by leading experts in the field of financial technologies, “Open Fintech” is a course of lectures spilling the light on how we as everyday consumers make purchases, manage finances, and decide on investments. The six-part series will allow you to learn about the ins and outs of the payment industry, how its decisions are made, and what changes await it in the future.
Held on April 25, the final lecture in the series will discuss the topic of “The future of fintech, AI, ML, Big Data, innovations, high-value startups and new technologies”.
How to launch and upscale a successful fintech project in a highly competitive conditions of the global market, where M-PESA and Revolut are stealing clients from established banking brands, Alipay is becoming an on-par competitor to Mastercard and Visa, and financial institutions are learning to sell services with the help of Big Data, cloud computing and open banking technologies? The lecture will cover all this and more, drawing from examples of successful cases and looking forward to the future of Fintech.
The lecture will be given by Maria Vinogradova, an expert who served as a co-author of the first white-label digital wallets. She also contributed to the development of one of the first omni-channel digital payment platforms. Maria’s current occupation is as a director of strategy and market intelligence at OpenWay, an international vendor topping global industry rankings with its digital wallet and online payments solutions.
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All ITMO University students and staff are invited to attend.


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